330th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division, 5 July, 2400

The first post is going to be a map overlay of the 330th Infantry Regiment (IR), 83rd Infantry Division (ID) at 2400 on July 5th, 1944.

The division had gone into combat on the 4th of July and it had gone very badly for many, and it seems to me the shock of first combat is reflected by the confused and incomplete (often just plain missing) reports for that day and the next.  Even this one for 2400, 5 July—reporting the situation after the  action of 5 July—is not very informative.  It looks very much like someone doing it for the first time.

Remember the regiments made these overlays from overlays sent up by the companies through the battalions, and a common theme throughout the war was regiment harassing battalion to get the companies to send up the overlays.  Imagine it from the company’s point of view though:  someone keeps shooting  at you; you’re just trying to keep it all together; and the brass wants some paper tracings.  It seems obvious that for the first couple of days it often just didn’t happen.

At least in the 330 IR it got better quickly.  But for today, here is the first one.


There is a simple campaign map here to help you orient yourself (I hope).


One response to “330th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division, 5 July, 2400

  1. GP Cox 2016-01-26 at 05:59

    Fantastic research material.


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