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06 July 1944 – 330th IR with some elements of the 229th IR – Both from the 83rd ID

I have four more overlays for 6 July, 0445, 0815, 0900, and 0945.  However, the 0945 is obviously made up of the 0815 and 0900 overlays so I’m going to use only the 0445 and 0945 overlays.  The 0445 shows the 329th IR companies and 330th IR companies further down the road than the 06 July overlay with no time stamp (two blogs back), which would tend to indicate that overlay must be the end-of-day situation for 05 July; which makes the composite 05 July overlay I put up earlier even more confusing.  More proof I need to go back and start again, integrating the information from the various reports that doesn’t have any specific map coordinates. Otherwise we get a story that’s too incomplete to really make sense, but it does seem by 06 July,0945, Co. C and Co. G have been reintegrated into the US line.

For now then, here are the two remaining overlays for 06 July.  I may not be back for a bit since there is a lot of information to gather, collate and then integrate some way into the maps.


Situation overlay for 06 July 0445, 330th IR

06 July 0445, 330th IR with 229th IR elements


Situation overlay 06 July 0945 330th IR with elements of 229th IR

06 July 0945 330th IR with elements of 229th IR


330th IR, 83 ID, 06 July

We have here the first overlay for the 330th IR, 83 ID, for 06 July, but with no time stamp. The overlay is marked #02 (surely can’t be 32), so one suspects it is from early in the day?  Which seems more logical once you see the other overlays for 06 July. There are 329th IR companies on this overlay as well, which must mean the two regiments were working closely on this day. The 3/329th (Co. I & Co. K) are back a good 1000 m from the position they are given on the previous overlay from 05 July, 2112 hr.  There is a lot of confusion in the material for 05 July. There are at least two reported German counter attacks in the evening of the of 05 July. The later one is said to have been “contained” so the first one must have been responsible for pushing 3/329th back that 1000 m to what seems to have been the starting point for 05 July essentially.  This would also explain the reports of  2/330th (Co. E & Co. G) having become isolated.

All of which is why I see I really need to go back and incorporate material from the reports that don’t directly relate to coordinate points on the map if I’m going to succeed in telling a coherent story.  Things are going to be a lot slower than I had thought if I do this, but the story will be better told.  I think I will still go ahead and put up the several overlays we have for 06 July since they are basically ready.  Then I guess I’ll go back to 04 July and see what I can do with the information in the reports, which do not include any overlays and very few direct references to coordinates.


Overlay fro 330th IR, 83rd ID, 06 July 1944, no time stamp, 330 IR, 83 IR

330th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division, 06 July situation with no time stamp

Adding data points to combined 83 ID & 330 IR for 5 July 1944

I became intrigued with the combined 83 ID / 330 IR overlays and decided to add the data points from the After Action Reports, Unit Journals and Morning Reports. It turned out to be a bit of a rabbit hole.

The blue items come from the overlays;  the brownish points, if you can see them, are geographic locations reported in the various reports, while the dark blue / purplish items are labels explaining the geographic location data points. The Green items are German locations or German related information, again, from the various reports. You will notice, maybe, there are more points than labels; for this map I wanted to only identify what related to the end-of-day situation since that was what both overlays were all about The unidentified points refer to either earlier in the day, or have no time information, though I did include a few of these latter if there was room.  All Company related information refers to 330 IR Companies; neither the 329th IR nor the 331 IR had map coordinates on the Morning reports for 5 July.

I’ve decided I will come back to incorporating geographic data points later. 5 July 1944 is very confused; a lot was going on, and I have realized there are a lot of discrepancies among the reports–especially the Morning Reports–and I really need to incorporate all the information from the After Action Reports and Unit Journals and collate it with what information can be gleaned from the morning reports.  I see a time-based spread sheet being necessary.  What I think I’ll do is go ahead from here and prepare and put up the overlays I have and then go back and figure out how to best incorporate the information from the reports.

A last note. You notice the German line bent back at a 90º angle (left-middle)?  Since there are no map overlays for 4 July, that I’ve seen anyway, I would just take advantage of this map to point out that is the location of the “Island” where the 2 Bn, 329 IR, got very roughly handled on 4 July. Dave Curry has a report about this engagement here, if you are interested.

Map of July 2400 83 Infantry Division

5 July 2400 83 Infantry Division


Combining the 5 July1944 83rd ID Overlay & 330th IR Overly

Having finished up the 5 July Divisional overlay, it occurred to me I had two overlays dated 5 July, 2400; a divisional overlay and a 330th IR overlay.  Why not put them together? After all that is what geo-referencing these overlays is all about: re-visualizing the data. And it is essentially effortless. Well, mostly. I see for a better combination map, I should probably take out the reference crosses; just to un-clutter the map.  Since I hadn’t thought about doing that, my files aren’t set up to do that quickly.  Maybe I’ll go back and redo my files, but for sure I’ll do the future ones so I can easily remove the reference points if I want to.

A Combination of the 5 July Divisional Overlay with the 5 July 330th IR Overlay

A Combination of the 5 July Divisional Overlay with the 5 July 330th IR Overlay

83rd Infantry Division, 5 July, 2400

Here’s a second overlay for July 5th at 2400.  This one looks to have been made at the divisional level since it includes something from all three regiments plus some artillery and an engineering unit.  You will notice right off that there is something wrong with this overlay.  Some of the symbols are not complete, for one thing.  That is because the declassification sticker was attached to the overlay exactly over where some of these symbols are; big help. But also this was one large overlay that had been folded in half all these years and had disintegrated along the fold.

Original 83rd ID Divisional Overlay, 5 July 1944,

Original 83rd ID Divisional Overlay, 5 July 1944,

This created the second problem.  Now the two reference points were separated one from the other on separate sheets.  If I had thought getting the geo-referencing was tricky with two reference points, then I had a real problem trying to understand how to do it with one on each of two sheets.  In the end, besides the triangulation, which in itself could not resolve the problem of how to position one sheet in relation to the other, I used what I knew should be the distances on the overlay since it was traced over a 1:25000 map.  I have avoided doing this because the overlays are a mess in general with no straight edges and badly drawn reference points, wrinkled and most often, not very well scanned.  But this time there was no other way and I think we came pretty close.  There is still the problem of properly orienting the two sheets to each other, but from the final result it seems to be very close indeed. You’ll notice a bit of an over run on the right-hand side, while the second reference point of off the map to the left because I didn’t want to use up space just to include it.

83rd ID, 5 July 1944, 2400

83rd ID, 5 July 1944, 2400

Campaign map here