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13 July 1100 330 IR

The second 13 July overlay seems to show what’s happened by 1100.  We actually have positions for G Co., B Co. & C Co. It will be interesting to see where the morning reports for 13 July show for these companies.

We have G Co. at St-André-de-Bohon and le Port while B Co. and C Co. are working their way though le Moulin.  le Port gives them control of the north end of the causeway across the River Taute marshes to l’Isle and Tribehou while taking le Moulin gives them control of the other causeway to la Varde.

I Co. is, according to the previous overlay, giving fire support, while both 2 Bn and 3 Bn seem to be in reserve.

13 July 1944 - 330 IR

1100 mopping up to the Taute River marsh


13 July 0900 Objectives 330 IR

Again, apologize for taking so long to get back.  We had to move camp.  Will be in Brazil for a while; I hope to finish off what overlays I have for the 330th Infantry Regiment.  No, I don’t have the whole month of July; would be nice, but no; half a dozen more for 13 July and a few for the 14th and 15th. There are more overlays in the 83 ID online archives for the 331 IR, but they are not being made public, so I’ll start on some ideas about using the morning reports after the 330 IR overlays.

So we start the 13th of July, 330 IR.  We have an unusual overlay, at least compared to what overlays I’ve seen. This one only maps out the I Co. position and objective, but then has typed-out instructions for supporting this push. From this overlay we can see all the hopes of getting up to all of the Taute River marshes on the 12th didn’t happen; so more mopping up.

13 July 0900 Objectives 330 IR

13 July 0900 Objectives 330 IR I Co.