E Company 330th IR HQ Positions During Normandy Campaign July 1944

I recently had a very nice note from someone whose father was in E Co 330 IR during July and August, 1944.  So I thought, I don’t necessarily have to go from A to M, 329 to 331.  So here is E Co. 330 IR, July, 1944.

I had an pleasantly different problem here with E Co. 330 IR. Whoever was doing the Morning Reports took full and ample advantage of the Record of Events.  I had trouble making it all fit without cluttering up the map.  Not sure I succeeded, but you have to appreciate the recorder’s willingness to take the time to do good Records of Events.

I only have doubts about a couple of entries.  14 July says they “marched 2 miles toward the front-line”, but then the night’s position is neither 2 miles away nor necessarily toward the front, at least not what we might think of as the front with our vision of the operation.  But doesn’t mean they didn’t move toward the fighting.  Later with all the companies mapped out, maybe it will make more sense.

Then for 19 July, the report says “moved back one (1) mile”, and while it really was an actual good mile, it wasn’t “back” by our perspective, but forward; which might explain why they were disappointed to be receiving more artillery fire instead of less.

By the way, anyone can feel free to point out typos, misspellings, etc. Such thing’s never have been a strong point.

E Co, 330 IR HQ positions during the Normandy campaign; Normandy, France; July 1945

E Co, 330 IR HQ positions during the Normandy campaign; Normandy, France; July 1944


8 responses to “E Company 330th IR HQ Positions During Normandy Campaign July 1944

  1. defling 2017-04-01 at 02:11

    Is the NW-SE road the Perrier-St Lô road? Or is this to the east of St. Lô? It would be interesting to hear what the rest of the 83rd was up to, and something of the division’s role in the Cobra breakout which, as you know, began 25 July. What German units did E Company face 20-26 July (six days was a _long_ time to be in the line. I note, too, they must have suffered the same rainstorm 21-22 July that caused such trouble for the lines of communication of 358/90 at Sèves Island.

    PS. I think your caption may have a date error.


    • Guy Wallace 2017-04-03 at 06:07

      http://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/USA/USA-E-Breakout/USA-E-Breakout-13.html if you will go to this web page and click the link to Map 5 you’ll see what you are looking for.

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    • blleininger 2017-04-03 at 08:36

      Yes the road is the Perrier-St Lô road. Eventually I hope to have all the companies mapped out. If I actually do get that done then I’ll probably start mashing them up to make daily maps of them. Cobra participation was limited to continuing to pressure immediate units to the front on the first days of the offensive and then being pinched out of the line by the units to it’s sides. The enemy units opposite Co E by the 20th were likely to be from the 5th Prcht Div, though I haven’t really verified that.


      • defling 2017-04-03 at 11:39

        Concur it was likely 5 Fallschirmjager Division. Between ~18 and 23 July 90ID (the adjacent division to the west) fought 6FJR at Sèves, which enjoyed artillery and occasional mechanized support from 2SS Panzer. The OKW maps are available online to verify, but I’m pretty sure you’re right it was 5FJD.


  2. Guy Wallace 2017-04-03 at 04:21

    Thanks so much! My Dad was XO of E Co. from 8 or 9 July until 8 August. It would have been his job to write those records of events which I’m about 99% sure he did because most of them match exactly another (personal) record he kept at the time. The reports that are on the web site are signed by a Capt. Craddock. As best I can tell he was the 2nd Battalion Personnel Officer or maybe an officer on Regimental staff. I’m guessing he is the one who kept up with many of the personnel moves and then added the record of events from the copy submitted to him by Dad.

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  3. Nancy padilla 2018-10-16 at 20:09

    I would like to know as much as possible about the
    331 infantry.. My great uncle died and it important to me.


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