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A Company, 229th IR HQ Positions During Normandy Campaign

I finally got another company campaign map done.  I decided to go back to A Co, 329 IR and should follow along in order.  A Co, unfortunately doesn’t have much in the way of action reports, but we do get a good picture of their positions and moments. I have serious doubts about days 17 and 18 because the given coordinates puts A Co on the other side of highway 3, as it was called then, which I thought was in the 4 ID area by those dates.  But if the coordinates given were wrong, the author was insistent; using the coordinate for each day twice in the report. So I quite trying to figure out what might have happened and placed the points as given.

A Co, 320 IR HQ positions during the Normandy campaign; Normandy, France; July 1945

A Co, 320 IR HQ positions during the Normandy campaign; Normandy, France; July 1945


F Company, 229th IR HQ Positions During Normandy Campaign

It’s been a very long time since I posted; I know; been moving around a lot and there was no really good place to work.  I’ve also been playing with what to do next after finishing the overlays I have permission to publish.  I finally decided to take the Morning Reports and using them to mark Company Headquarter positions.  It seems logical to begin by doing a map for each company and then see what kind of combinations would be interesting after that.  I decided to start with F Co; and ran into problems with the data.  In the first days, at least, the 1st Sargent, or whoever was recording the morning reports, was not using standard 6 digit map coordinates, if they even had them.  They were using a 4 digit coordinate reference and I assumed it was 2 digits east and 2 digits north. But that put the HQs way behind German lines. It took me a good while to realize that often the 4 digits were 3 digits east and 1 digit north; they were simply coping down the first 4 digits of what should have been the 6 digit reference. This allowed me to at least get very close for those dates. Things got better after 4 July, but of course there was the Island Battle on 4 July and that is one of the estimated positions.

Remember: the date of a Morning Report is midnight of the day being reported.  I get the feeling this wasn’t always necessarily true; and at least in one case the reporter openly admits that he is appending next day info as well.  So you can imagine the confusion and doubts at times. Still, usually I think we can count on the reported geographical location being where the Company HQ spent the night. Of course that only gives us a general idea of where the actual platoons are.  I assume they are some 50 to 100 meters in the direction of the enemy in most cases; but again, not always.  F Co HQ on 26 & 27 July stayed right in the same place according to the Morning Reports, but obviously the platoons were way out front and going as fast as they could.

When there are comments on situation and events included in a Morning Report, I included them on the map; I’ve also included what references there might be in Battalion and Regimental reports.  These situational reports are very nice to have; unfortunately they tend to be the exception, at least for the Morning Reports I’ve looked at.

Finally, I wanted to put up the whole F Co. Normandy campaign on one map.  I thought it would be interesting to be able to see the whole picture of movement and position.  I now suspect what we are going to have is a big map with tiny bits of info that are hard to read.  I’m going t try it and see how it works.  Maybe I’ll end up cutting the map up so we can get in closer. Remember, you should be able to click on the map and it will enlarge to full size; then you can scroll through it pretty well.

July 1944: F Co, 229 IR, Normandy Campaign HQ Positions

July 1944: F Co, 229 IR, Normandy Campaign HQ Positions

14 July, 330 IR Near Sainteny

This single overlay for 14 July shows the 330 IR pulled back but in a defensive set up to the north-east of Sainteny; very much in line with what we saw with the last two overlays for 13 July. As the regimental journal says for this overlay, “Defense areas to use in an emergency.”

We also get a position for the 329 IR HQ, the 330 IR HQ, as well the 1 Bn, 329 IR HQ.  Though the positioning of these HQ’s seem strange to me.  We’ll see, if I ever get around to integrating the information from the Unit Journals.

If you are having trouble orienting yourself, le Port is toward the lower right corner, Sainteny to the left about 1/3 of the way down from the top, Culot is at the top, left, mostly off the map and Hottot toward the top about 2/3 of the way from the left.

14 July 1944, 330 IR Near Sainteny

14 July 1944, 330 IR, 83 ID near Sainteny