13 July 1400 330 IR 01 Bn Position & State of Taute River Bridges

Another 13 July overlay.  This one some time around 1400.  I’m not sure because there are two times on the overlay.  I suspect one is the time made and the other the time received by S-3?  We get the positions of 01 Bn. companies A, B & C.  Nice!  A note about the state of the bridges over the Taute River and one of it’s tributaries and a comment about “flushing” the area.  I suppose flush us used here as when one is hunting: “to flush out”?


13 July 1400 1044, State of Bridges over Taute River in 1 Bn. 330 IR area.

13 July 1400 1044, State of Bridge over Taute River in 1 Bn. 330 IR area.


13 July 1200 330 IR Fire Instructions for C Co. 802 Tank Destroyer Battalion

This next overlay is for 13 July,  I think.  It has instructions for the field of fire for C Co. 802 Tank Destroyer Battalion for 0900, 12 July, and then for 1200, 12 July OR 13 July.  Not sure why the choice.  Maybe it is clarified in the other reports.  We shall see. Obviously this is in getting ready for the crossing of the Taute River marshes.

13 July 1200 330 IR AT Fire Instructions

13 July 1200 330 IR AT Fire Instructions

13 July 1100 330 IR

The second 13 July overlay seems to show what’s happened by 1100.  We actually have positions for G Co., B Co. & C Co. It will be interesting to see where the morning reports for 13 July show for these companies.

We have G Co. at St-André-de-Bohon and le Port while B Co. and C Co. are working their way though le Moulin.  le Port gives them control of the north end of the causeway across the River Taute marshes to l’Isle and Tribehou while taking le Moulin gives them control of the other causeway to la Varde.

I Co. is, according to the previous overlay, giving fire support, while both 2 Bn and 3 Bn seem to be in reserve.

13 July 1944 - 330 IR

1100 mopping up to the Taute River marsh

13 July 0900 Objectives 330 IR

Again, apologize for taking so long to get back.  We had to move camp.  Will be in Brazil for a while; I hope to finish off what overlays I have for the 330th Infantry Regiment.  No, I don’t have the whole month of July; would be nice, but no; half a dozen more for 13 July and a few for the 14th and 15th. There are more overlays in the 83 ID online archives for the 331 IR, but they are not being made public, so I’ll start on some ideas about using the morning reports after the 330 IR overlays.

So we start the 13th of July, 330 IR.  We have an unusual overlay, at least compared to what overlays I’ve seen. This one only maps out the I Co. position and objective, but then has typed-out instructions for supporting this push. From this overlay we can see all the hopes of getting up to all of the Taute River marshes on the 12th didn’t happen; so more mopping up.

13 July 0900 Objectives 330 IR

13 July 0900 Objectives 330 IR I Co.

12 July 1944 330 IR Plans for the day & then with intelligence?

Right.  It’s been awhile.  I have 2 overlays, the last 2, from 12 July 1944. They are related on each other, but which is the original and which is the continuation, I’m not sure.  Only one is marked as part of the Journal. And there are things on the first that aren’t on the second (the order being as they appear in this blog), and I wasn’t aware these things could be erased.

Still, very interesting stuff. We have the 3 Bn patrol area we saw before, but now we have 1 Bn and 2 Bn planed advances and in the second overlay the expected resistance.  Doesn’t get much better than that in terms of amount of information supplied. These probably shouldn’t have come at the end of the 12 July series, but for now here they are.


12 July 1044, 330 IR, Action Plan of the day version 1

12 July 1044, 330 IR, Action Plan of the day version 1


12 July 1044, 330 IR, Action Plan of the day version 1

12 July 1044, 330 IR, Action Plan of the day version 2

12 July 1944 330 IR 3 Bn Patrolling

Still on July 12th.  Because of some confusion about the next overlay I was set to do I had to go back into the 330 IR journal document and found this little gem that I guess I had previously considered to be to unimportant to include, or that that I just missed.  As an lonely overlay, all my itself, it is pretty unimpressive.  Some almost illegible text and some squiggles. But of course in the context of the map and the other overlays it gains it’s due significants.  Since it is now out of order and seemed rather fast to do, and since I haven’t been doing much lately, I thought I’d get it down and out today.

This should have been the first overlay for July 12.  It is informing that these are the areas patrolled before 5am and that there were no Germans in the three areas patrolled.  Based on the other overlays for the day, I’m thinking this was done by 3 Bn units.

We are basically in the same area we’ve been in for the last half dozen overlays.  You’ll noticed one of the areas patrolled includes St-Andre-de-Bohon and le Port is visible.

12 July 1944: 330 IR, Probably 3 Bn early morning patrol activities

12 July 1944: 330 IR, Probably 3 Bn early morning patrol activities

12 July 330rd Infantry Regiment, 3rd Battalion, Patrol Area

Still on 12th of July, 1944.  This overlay obviously was made early morning since it seems to be a planning document for the 3rd Bn, 330 IR to patrol the left flank of the regiment—and division, actually.  This one took me awhile to decide how to do since Lt. Notbohn decided to use more colors than I’d anticipated when I set out my methodology for transforming these overlays. Then the road net trace and the terrain trace just wouldn’t line up and in the end I decided that had to be because they weren’t drawn lining up; after all lining things up wasn’t really necessary for the guys making these overlays as long as the intent was clear.

12 July 1944 Patrols for 3rd Bn mopping up

12 July 1944 Patrols for 3rd Bn mopping up

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12 July 330 Infantry Regiment Outpost Plan

Still on 12 July, I assume end of day, we have a regimental plan for outposts on the 83rd’s side of the Taute River and marsh. This would seem to indicate a pretty good advance on the 12th then.  We will see once we get to the various reports.  What this shows is that the 330th IR is occupying a line on the north side of the marsh anchored from the south to the north-east from Le Moulin through Le Port and St. Andre de Bohon to Manior. Across the marsh (and the river Taute) were two causeways; one from Le Moulin to La Varde, and one from Le Port to Tribehou.  The next battle would be to get across these.

12 July 1944 330 Infantry Regiment 83 Infantry Division Outpost Plan

12 July 1944 330 IR 83 ID Outpost Plan

12 July 1944 330th Infantry Regiment area tank destroyer dispositions

Do we get the idea they were a bit obsessed with destroying tanks, or in this case probably mostly StuG  Assault Guns, since at this point I think the 83rd was mostly still up against the 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division Götz von Berlichingen.  The positions seem to be a bit behind the front lines; I assume they were set to catch break-through armor;  defense in-depth.

12 July 1944, 330th Infantry Regiment area tank destroyer dispositions

12 July 1944, 330th Infantry Regiment area tank destroyer dispositions


The legend says they were the 3″ Anti-Tank guns, which were pretty good at knocking out what the Germans has in the area.  As a previous overlay seemed to indicate: German armor by this stage was not doing well against the 83rd. I assume they were guns  much like the one in this photo, reportedly taken in St-Malo.


3 inch anti-tank gun, St. Malo 1944

3 inch anti-tank gun, St. Malo 1944


While the “tank” they most likely were hunting in the bocage looked a lot like this appropriately messed up StuG III. Read more on these work-horse assault guns at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sturmgeschütz.

StuG III 1945 Germany

StuG III 1945 Germany