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E Company 330th IR HQ Positions During Normandy Campaign July 1944

I recently had a very nice note from someone whose father was in E Co 330 IR during July and August, 1944.  So I thought, I don’t necessarily have to go from A to M, 329 to 331.  So here is E Co. 330 IR, July, 1944.

I had an pleasantly different problem here with E Co. 330 IR. Whoever was doing the Morning Reports took full and ample advantage of the Record of Events.  I had trouble making it all fit without cluttering up the map.  Not sure I succeeded, but you have to appreciate the recorder’s willingness to take the time to do good Records of Events.

I only have doubts about a couple of entries.  14 July says they “marched 2 miles toward the front-line”, but then the night’s position is neither 2 miles away nor necessarily toward the front, at least not what we might think of as the front with our vision of the operation.  But doesn’t mean they didn’t move toward the fighting.  Later with all the companies mapped out, maybe it will make more sense.

Then for 19 July, the report says “moved back one (1) mile”, and while it really was an actual good mile, it wasn’t “back” by our perspective, but forward; which might explain why they were disappointed to be receiving more artillery fire instead of less.

By the way, anyone can feel free to point out typos, misspellings, etc. Such thing’s never have been a strong point.

E Co, 330 IR HQ positions during the Normandy campaign; Normandy, France; July 1945

E Co, 330 IR HQ positions during the Normandy campaign; Normandy, France; July 1944


Position of 1 Bn, 330 IR from 28 July to 31 July, 1944, around le Lorey

I had someone interested in seeing just when, what units of the 83 ID were where, around le Lorey. This seemed like an interesting way to look at things.  Once I had it done though, I thought that a day by day visualization would be less busy, easier to follow; but then I thought again, what was wanted, was to see where everything was around a certain point and what I had worked well for that. An operations view could be done later, once I have all the companies mapped out individually.

We are dealing with the 1 Bn, 330 IR here, on the days 28-31 July, around le Lorey. This is the ending of the Normandy campaign for these guys and they are being blessed with rest, hot food and recuperation.

I had trouble only with D Co coordinates for 28 July. The report used the same coordinates as the days before, up to the north-west of Remilly-Sur-Lozon; but it specifically said in the location field for 28 July, that they were “2 mi S Remilly-Sur-Lozon”; and in the Action Report for the 28th it is stated they advanced a good 5 miles; and in the Action Report for the 29th, it is said they remained “in defensive position”, no mention of any movement. So, I have assumed the recorder made the mistake of putting the position at beginning-of-day instead of at end-of-day for the 28th and have placed the 28th where the 29th was reported. I think that’s a pretty good guess. 

Position of 1 BN, 330 IR, around le Lorey, France from 28-31 July, 1044

Position of 1 BN, 330 IR, around le Lorey, France from 28-31 July, 1044

12 July 1944 330th Infantry Regiment area tank destroyer dispositions

Do we get the idea they were a bit obsessed with destroying tanks, or in this case probably mostly StuG  Assault Guns, since at this point I think the 83rd was mostly still up against the 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division Götz von Berlichingen.  The positions seem to be a bit behind the front lines; I assume they were set to catch break-through armor;  defense in-depth.

12 July 1944, 330th Infantry Regiment area tank destroyer dispositions

12 July 1944, 330th Infantry Regiment area tank destroyer dispositions


The legend says they were the 3″ Anti-Tank guns, which were pretty good at knocking out what the Germans has in the area.  As a previous overlay seemed to indicate: German armor by this stage was not doing well against the 83rd. I assume they were guns  much like the one in this photo, reportedly taken in St-Malo.


3 inch anti-tank gun, St. Malo 1944

3 inch anti-tank gun, St. Malo 1944


While the “tank” they most likely were hunting in the bocage looked a lot like this appropriately messed up StuG III. Read more on these work-horse assault guns at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sturmgeschütz.

StuG III 1945 Germany

StuG III 1945 Germany

11 July 1944, 330 IR Bombing Plan

We have another rather curios overlay for 11 July.  I would have to assume it is for the morning; we’ll find out for sure, probably, once I start including information from the reports.  This is more or less in the same as the two first 11 July overlays so shouldn’t be too hard to get oriented.

330th Infantry Regiment 11 July 1944 Bombing Plan

Bombing Plan for 11 July 1944 in 330th IR Area

11 July 1944, 330 IR Positions and Objectives at 1700 and 2100

We have 2 overlays for July 11th for the 330th’s struggle to clear the Germans from the bridgehead at le Port.  I’ve left out some of the coordinate markers so I could “zoom in” closer for the PNG.  Again, orient yourself on the campaign map using Saint Andre de Bohon and le Moulin.

I assume the 1700 overlay is where the 330th started

330 Infantry Battalion, 83rd Infantry Division, 17:00 Hours, July 11, 1944

330 Bn, 1700, 11 July, 1944


While the 2100 overlay marks how far they got. We’ll know more once I start incorporating the data from the various reports.

330 Infantry Battalion, 83rd Infantry Division, 21:00 hours, July 11, 1944

330 Bn, 2100, 11 July, 1944