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E Company 330th IR HQ Positions During Normandy Campaign July 1944

I recently had a very nice note from someone whose father was in E Co 330 IR during July and August, 1944.  So I thought, I don’t necessarily have to go from A to M, 329 to 331.  So here is E Co. 330 IR, July, 1944.

I had an pleasantly different problem here with E Co. 330 IR. Whoever was doing the Morning Reports took full and ample advantage of the Record of Events.  I had trouble making it all fit without cluttering up the map.  Not sure I succeeded, but you have to appreciate the recorder’s willingness to take the time to do good Records of Events.

I only have doubts about a couple of entries.  14 July says they “marched 2 miles toward the front-line”, but then the night’s position is neither 2 miles away nor necessarily toward the front, at least not what we might think of as the front with our vision of the operation.  But doesn’t mean they didn’t move toward the fighting.  Later with all the companies mapped out, maybe it will make more sense.

Then for 19 July, the report says “moved back one (1) mile”, and while it really was an actual good mile, it wasn’t “back” by our perspective, but forward; which might explain why they were disappointed to be receiving more artillery fire instead of less.

By the way, anyone can feel free to point out typos, misspellings, etc. Such thing’s never have been a strong point.

E Co, 330 IR HQ positions during the Normandy campaign; Normandy, France; July 1945

E Co, 330 IR HQ positions during the Normandy campaign; Normandy, France; July 1944


A Company, 229th IR HQ Positions During Normandy Campaign

I finally got another company campaign map done.  I decided to go back to A Co, 329 IR and should follow along in order.  A Co, unfortunately doesn’t have much in the way of action reports, but we do get a good picture of their positions and moments. I have serious doubts about days 17 and 18 because the given coordinates puts A Co on the other side of highway 3, as it was called then, which I thought was in the 4 ID area by those dates.  But if the coordinates given were wrong, the author was insistent; using the coordinate for each day twice in the report. So I quite trying to figure out what might have happened and placed the points as given.

A Co, 320 IR HQ positions during the Normandy campaign; Normandy, France; July 1945

A Co, 320 IR HQ positions during the Normandy campaign; Normandy, France; July 1945

14 July, 330 IR Near Sainteny

This single overlay for 14 July shows the 330 IR pulled back but in a defensive set up to the north-east of Sainteny; very much in line with what we saw with the last two overlays for 13 July. As the regimental journal says for this overlay, “Defense areas to use in an emergency.”

We also get a position for the 329 IR HQ, the 330 IR HQ, as well the 1 Bn, 329 IR HQ.  Though the positioning of these HQ’s seem strange to me.  We’ll see, if I ever get around to integrating the information from the Unit Journals.

If you are having trouble orienting yourself, le Port is toward the lower right corner, Sainteny to the left about 1/3 of the way down from the top, Culot is at the top, left, mostly off the map and Hottot toward the top about 2/3 of the way from the left.

14 July 1944, 330 IR Near Sainteny

14 July 1944, 330 IR, 83 ID near Sainteny

13 July 2100, 3Bn 330 IR, Moves into Position in Rear between Sainteny, Culot, and Hottot

By evening of 13 July 3rd Bn, 330 IR has moved back behind the line, closer to 2nd Bn, close to Sainteny. We are actually given the very precise positions of I Co., K Co., and M Co.; nice.  I believe this is the last of the overlays for 13 July.

13 July 2100 330 IR 3Bn Pull Back

Evening of 13 July 3rd Bn, 330 IR Pulls back to between Sainteny, Culot, and Hottot.

13 July 2000, 2Bn 330 IR, Moves into Reserve near Sainteny

Another 13 July overlay.  This is fairly straight forward.  2 Bn, 330 IR moves back into reserve between Sainteny and Culot.  It will be left behind as the rest of 330 IR moves toward les Champs-de-Losque, to the right of 1 Bn, 60 IR, 9 ID.


13 July 1900 2Bn Move to Reserve near Sainteny

13 July 1900 2Bn Move to Reserve near Sainteny

12 July, 12:00: 83rd Infantry Division Situation

The second overlay for 12 July 1944 is a 83rd ID situation map  for 12:00.  It seems to be drawn from the perspective of the 330th IR, or it was produced for the regiment, since it has the locations for the other two regiments but nothing for the 330th. Notice that the 22nd IR, 4th ID is a good 1000 yards out in front of the 83rd ID.

From my reading on the German side, that is what the Germans would look for, and then send a counter attack in through the gap.  Not sure it happened here, we’ll have to wait till I get through the reports.  I’m not sure what the Germans hoped to accomplish doing this though. Time after time they only gained an advantage for a few hours before being completely cut up themselves, accumulating losses they could not afford.  Seems they would have been better off being purely on the defensive; but that was definitely not the German way.

When I finished with this map, it was a bit eerie . It shows my father’s company, F, and we are approaching the day he was seriously wounded and shipped the the States.  I  knew it was to the south-southwest of Sainteny, which of course he never knew; but I’ve yet to get it nailed down this close.

83rd Infantry Division Situation 12:00 12 July 1944 - less the 330th Infantry Regiment

83rd Infantry Division Situation 12:00 12 July 1944 – less the 330th Infantry Regiment

08 July 83rd ID, 331 IR Objective

This overlay obviously has more to do with the 331st IR than the 330th IR.  It shows a bit of all three 83rd ID regiments.  The 329th IR is shown being just about 1000 m south of where its 2 Bn. got badly handled on 04 July.

I, personally, can’t make much sense of what is written in the lower left corner, try as I might. Actually, there’s  lot on this overlay not making sense to me right now.  We’ll see if it gets any better once I’ve read the reports and compare it to the 08 July Morning Reports.

To help orient yourself: Tribehou is still in the lower right corner, but Sainteny is now in the middle of the map.

08 July 1944 - 83 ID Approaching Sainteny

08 July 1944 – 83 ID Approaching Sainteny

July 07 for 330 IR Bombing Areas and Regimental objective

For 07 July, 330th IR,  we have first an overlay that has no date or even unit identification.  I am assuming that it belongs to the 330th IR because it is obviously the beginning of, or a simplified copy of another overlay for 07 July. Note that I had to move down the map to included everything in the overlays.  Reference points could be Sainteny on the left about a third of the way down; and now Tribechou toward the bottom right corner about a quarter the way up from the bottom. Tribechou will become important for the 330th IR.

Line of Departure, 07 July, 330 IR

Line of Departure, 07 July, 330 IR


The second overlay for 07 July does have the date but no unit identification; but since it is in the area of the 330th IR, I am assuming that’s the unit its referring to.


Planned Bombing Targets in front of 330 IR for July 07

Planned Bombing Targets in front of 330 IR for July 07


06 July 1944 – 330th IR with some elements of the 229th IR – Both from the 83rd ID

I have four more overlays for 6 July, 0445, 0815, 0900, and 0945.  However, the 0945 is obviously made up of the 0815 and 0900 overlays so I’m going to use only the 0445 and 0945 overlays.  The 0445 shows the 329th IR companies and 330th IR companies further down the road than the 06 July overlay with no time stamp (two blogs back), which would tend to indicate that overlay must be the end-of-day situation for 05 July; which makes the composite 05 July overlay I put up earlier even more confusing.  More proof I need to go back and start again, integrating the information from the various reports that doesn’t have any specific map coordinates. Otherwise we get a story that’s too incomplete to really make sense, but it does seem by 06 July,0945, Co. C and Co. G have been reintegrated into the US line.

For now then, here are the two remaining overlays for 06 July.  I may not be back for a bit since there is a lot of information to gather, collate and then integrate some way into the maps.


Situation overlay for 06 July 0445, 330th IR

06 July 0445, 330th IR with 229th IR elements


Situation overlay 06 July 0945 330th IR with elements of 229th IR

06 July 0945 330th IR with elements of 229th IR

330th IR, 83 ID, 06 July

We have here the first overlay for the 330th IR, 83 ID, for 06 July, but with no time stamp. The overlay is marked #02 (surely can’t be 32), so one suspects it is from early in the day?  Which seems more logical once you see the other overlays for 06 July. There are 329th IR companies on this overlay as well, which must mean the two regiments were working closely on this day. The 3/329th (Co. I & Co. K) are back a good 1000 m from the position they are given on the previous overlay from 05 July, 2112 hr.  There is a lot of confusion in the material for 05 July. There are at least two reported German counter attacks in the evening of the of 05 July. The later one is said to have been “contained” so the first one must have been responsible for pushing 3/329th back that 1000 m to what seems to have been the starting point for 05 July essentially.  This would also explain the reports of  2/330th (Co. E & Co. G) having become isolated.

All of which is why I see I really need to go back and incorporate material from the reports that don’t directly relate to coordinate points on the map if I’m going to succeed in telling a coherent story.  Things are going to be a lot slower than I had thought if I do this, but the story will be better told.  I think I will still go ahead and put up the several overlays we have for 06 July since they are basically ready.  Then I guess I’ll go back to 04 July and see what I can do with the information in the reports, which do not include any overlays and very few direct references to coordinates.


Overlay fro 330th IR, 83rd ID, 06 July 1944, no time stamp, 330 IR, 83 IR

330th Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division, 06 July situation with no time stamp