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15 July, 1944, 16:00 1st & 3rd Bn Progress against Remily-sur-Lozon

So now we come to the final overlay in my possession.  We saw the objectives for the day for the 1st and 3rd Bn, 330 IR, July 15th.  Here we have progress as of 16:00.

I thought with this nice display of company positions this overlay deserved a zoom-in. So I cropped the full overlay and included it below the first.


July 15, 1944, 16:00 Progress of 1st & 3 Bn against Remily-sur-Lozon


July 15, 1944, 16:00 Progress of 1st & 3 Bn against Remily-sur-Lozon


15 July 1944, 330 Infantry Regiment, Objectives for 1st and 3rd Battalions

Ya, I know, big delays.  Sorry. We’ve been on the move again and with threats of having to move the big tent. Fortunately, for now, the big tent stays put, otherwise I’d be out of touch for a lot longer.

Here we have the first of two overlays for 15 July.  I had thought this one was the last, but I see that there is one more that I had thought was just a detail from this one, but I see it has new information, so we’ll be doing it as well.

This covers the day’s objectives for 1st and 3rd battalions; 2nd is detached and back around Sainteny. The 33o IR has been attached to 9 ID.  We can see this was what was being set up on 14 July. We are a good deal to the south and east, essentially swinging around to the rear of the le Port–le Isle / Tribehou causeway; good news for the 330th. As you can see, we are way off the map again; but all 330 IR information is on-map, so I think I’ll leave it be. Really, guys, the work it takes to geo-reference another sheet and, more importantly, stitch it to this one, isn’t worth our immediate needs.

Now, having circumvented one marsh, the 1st & 3rd Bns, 330 IR, had to cross another—thankfully smaller—along the le Lozon river, attacking toward Remilly-Sur-Lozon on one of those peninsulas formed by the flooded wet lands of Normandy. The circular areas labeled P, Q, O, S, & T are 330 Bn objectives with R1 being the immediate objective for 3 Bn and R1 for 1 Bn. The 60th IR, 9 ID, would be on their left with objectives being M, H, & N.

To orient yourself, Tribehou, which we’ve seen before being in the lower right-hand corner of some of the overlays, is now in the upper right-hand corner of this one. La Varde, which we’ve also mentioned before, is in the upper left-hand corner. Remilly-sur-Lozon is more or less right in the middle, inside the “O” objective.

15 July 1944, 330 IR, 1 & 3 Bns Objectives

15 July 1944, 330 Infantry Regiment, Objectives for 1st and 3rd Battalions

13 July 1200 330 IR Fire Instructions for C Co. 802 Tank Destroyer Battalion

This next overlay is for 13 July,  I think.  It has instructions for the field of fire for C Co. 802 Tank Destroyer Battalion for 0900, 12 July, and then for 1200, 12 July OR 13 July.  Not sure why the choice.  Maybe it is clarified in the other reports.  We shall see. Obviously this is in getting ready for the crossing of the Taute River marshes.

13 July 1200 330 IR AT Fire Instructions

13 July 1200 330 IR AT Fire Instructions

13 July 1100 330 IR

The second 13 July overlay seems to show what’s happened by 1100.  We actually have positions for G Co., B Co. & C Co. It will be interesting to see where the morning reports for 13 July show for these companies.

We have G Co. at St-André-de-Bohon and le Port while B Co. and C Co. are working their way though le Moulin.  le Port gives them control of the north end of the causeway across the River Taute marshes to l’Isle and Tribehou while taking le Moulin gives them control of the other causeway to la Varde.

I Co. is, according to the previous overlay, giving fire support, while both 2 Bn and 3 Bn seem to be in reserve.

13 July 1944 - 330 IR

1100 mopping up to the Taute River marsh

12 July 1944 330 IR Plans for the day & then with intelligence?

Right.  It’s been awhile.  I have 2 overlays, the last 2, from 12 July 1944. They are related on each other, but which is the original and which is the continuation, I’m not sure.  Only one is marked as part of the Journal. And there are things on the first that aren’t on the second (the order being as they appear in this blog), and I wasn’t aware these things could be erased.

Still, very interesting stuff. We have the 3 Bn patrol area we saw before, but now we have 1 Bn and 2 Bn planed advances and in the second overlay the expected resistance.  Doesn’t get much better than that in terms of amount of information supplied. These probably shouldn’t have come at the end of the 12 July series, but for now here they are.


12 July 1044, 330 IR, Action Plan of the day version 1

12 July 1044, 330 IR, Action Plan of the day version 1


12 July 1044, 330 IR, Action Plan of the day version 1

12 July 1044, 330 IR, Action Plan of the day version 2

12 July 330 Infantry Regiment Outpost Plan

Still on 12 July, I assume end of day, we have a regimental plan for outposts on the 83rd’s side of the Taute River and marsh. This would seem to indicate a pretty good advance on the 12th then.  We will see once we get to the various reports.  What this shows is that the 330th IR is occupying a line on the north side of the marsh anchored from the south to the north-east from Le Moulin through Le Port and St. Andre de Bohon to Manior. Across the marsh (and the river Taute) were two causeways; one from Le Moulin to La Varde, and one from Le Port to Tribehou.  The next battle would be to get across these.

12 July 1944 330 Infantry Regiment 83 Infantry Division Outpost Plan

12 July 1944 330 IR 83 ID Outpost Plan

08 July 83rd ID, 331 IR Objective

This overlay obviously has more to do with the 331st IR than the 330th IR.  It shows a bit of all three 83rd ID regiments.  The 329th IR is shown being just about 1000 m south of where its 2 Bn. got badly handled on 04 July.

I, personally, can’t make much sense of what is written in the lower left corner, try as I might. Actually, there’s  lot on this overlay not making sense to me right now.  We’ll see if it gets any better once I’ve read the reports and compare it to the 08 July Morning Reports.

To help orient yourself: Tribehou is still in the lower right corner, but Sainteny is now in the middle of the map.

08 July 1944 - 83 ID Approaching Sainteny

08 July 1944 – 83 ID Approaching Sainteny

July 07 for 330 IR Bombing Areas and Regimental objective

For 07 July, 330th IR,  we have first an overlay that has no date or even unit identification.  I am assuming that it belongs to the 330th IR because it is obviously the beginning of, or a simplified copy of another overlay for 07 July. Note that I had to move down the map to included everything in the overlays.  Reference points could be Sainteny on the left about a third of the way down; and now Tribechou toward the bottom right corner about a quarter the way up from the bottom. Tribechou will become important for the 330th IR.

Line of Departure, 07 July, 330 IR

Line of Departure, 07 July, 330 IR


The second overlay for 07 July does have the date but no unit identification; but since it is in the area of the 330th IR, I am assuming that’s the unit its referring to.


Planned Bombing Targets in front of 330 IR for July 07

Planned Bombing Targets in front of 330 IR for July 07